2017 ShuiMu China-USA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

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Call for Participation

2017 ShuiMu America-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

ShuiMu America-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

September 30th-October 1st, 2017, Los Angeles

As the base of America-China innovation and entrepreneurship, SoCal is welcoming an upcoming VC feast: 2017 Shuimu America-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum along with SoCal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Youth STEAM Innovation Competition from September 30 to October 1, 2017.

This event is initiated by two non-profit organizations: Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Southern California (THUAASC) and LEAP Career Development Forum, co-organized by iDream Space, Angelplus Accelerator, and Cybernaut Green Tech. The purpose is to gather unique resource of Socal, connect promising projects between China and America, and provide the ideal America-China innovation and entrepreneurship platform for dream chasers including but not limited to Tsinghua alumni.

As part of important elements of the forum, the inaugural ShuiMu America-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition is now open for registration. All students and professionals in the startup community are invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects on cutting-edge technologies or market-demanding services. Projects involved with America-China cross-border collaboration are highly preferred.


Each participating team must be at the early-to-mid stage of development and are currently searching for angel or A round funding. The project should be mainly in the fields of cross-board e-commerce, VR/AR, AI, Data Science, Digital Entertainment, New Media, Medicine and Health, Fintech, Sustainable Energy, etc.


Step 1. Registration:

An entrant team should take the following steps for registration:

1. Complete the on-line registration form and sign the consent of disclaimer via the link below:

2. Pay the registration fee
Early bird: $30.00

3. Email the business plan to thuaasc.smief@gmail.com.

Deadline: 11:59pm September 15th, 2017 USA Pacific Standard Time

2) Preliminary Screen:
After September 15, the judge committee composed of investors and subject matter experts will review applications. Up to 10 most innovative projects with outstanding market prospects will be selected to advance to the next round based on the following criteria: l
• Project completeness
• Introduction of products or services
• Strategic planning
• Market analysis
• Marketing strategy
• Start-up team
• Current status of the project

The decision of preliminary screen will be announced by September 20th. The winner teams will receive the confirmation letter for the final contest and are required to submit their pitch presentation package and supplemental materials by September 25th.

3) The Final Competition:
The final entrants and entrant teams will be granted the opportunity to attend the entrepreneurship boot camp on September 30th for free. On October 1st, the finalists will attend the final contest to showcase their business ideas and answer questions from the final judges.

ShuiMu seeks to award high-impact, high-potential new ventures. Finalist will receive free exclusive services including one-on-one mentorship and private networking opportunities with investors. Awards and cash-prizes will be presented too.

Important notice

The finalists must attend the final competition of Innovative and Entrepreneurship Forum in person on October 1st in Los Angeles.

Event organizer:
Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Southern California (TSUAASC)
LEAP Career Development Forum
iDream Space
Angelplus Accelerator
Cybernaut Green Tech.

If you have any technical difficulties during registration or other questions, please contact:thuaasc.smief@gmail.com

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