【08.26.2017】Youth STEAM Innovation Workshop

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As part of ShuiMu America-Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, the Youth STEAM Innovation Competition will be organized for middle/high schoolers, with the theme of “Explore Mars, Build the Future”. It includes two individual competition events: Building Future Martian Cities In 3D Design and Robotic Adventure On Mars.

The competition is aimed to inspire the next generations with STEAM enthusiasm and innovation, teach critical STEAM knowledge and skills, nurture artistic and creative talents, promote excellent teamwork and workmanship, develop effective communication and presentation skills, and prepare the next generations to survive and thrive in the changing world.

To help prepare for the competition, the first free workshop will be held on Saturday August 26 at Caltech featuring hands-on talks by three scientists from NASA/JPL and Siemens. See detail in the flyer below. Please sign up at


Come and join us to hack into Mars!



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