THUAASC Youth STEAM Competition 2018 – Back to the Moon

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49 years has passed since Neil Armstrong achieved humanity’s first landing on the Moon and made “one giant leap for mankind”. Now it’s the time for us come back to the Moon again. It’s so exciting that we have so many young scientists / engineers design and build their own Moon station and / or robot so we may survive at the Moon surface. Come to see their projects and robots and share their joyful Moon exploration!

Scenes: “the Moon surface” – a 48”x72” cartoon board with two “craters”: one with 12” diameter, one with 18” diameter, both ~ 2” high. A 2” cube food package dropped in the 18” crater. A 1” diameter and 2” long water tank is inside the 12” crater. The food package and water tank were made by foam and painted with black color. Both of them should be moved out the craters and set close to the Moon station.

The competition will be two categories:

  1. Moon Station Challenge requirement:
  2. Each team may bring one set (package) uninstalled kits for the competition;
  3. Each team must bring one 3D printing part (designed and built by the team itself) and use it as a part of the Moon station or robot;
  4. Each team IN/OUT time: 20 min;
  5. The competition schedule:
    1. Build the Moon station and / or robot: 8 min.
    2. Show the functions and design ideas (S1 ~ S3): 3 min.
    3. 3D design skill (S4 ~ S5): 3 min.
    4. Presentation (S6 ~ S8): 4 min.
    5. The team move out and field reset: 2 min.
  1. Invention Design Competition requirement:
  2. Each team must show their 3D printing design based Moon station by presentation (designed by the team itself) and explain the function of each part of the Moon station;
  3. Each team IN/OUT time: 10 min;
  4. The competition schedule:
    1. Presentation of 3D design skill (S6 ~ S8): 3 min
    2. Presentation of the Moon station functions and design ideas (S1 ~ S3): 3 min.
    3. Answer the judge’s questions: 3 min.
    4. The team move out and field reset: 1 min.

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Judging Form_Youth_STEAM_C1

Judging Form_Youth_STEAM_C2

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